Top HIS Vendors By 2011 Revenue: Cerner Corp. (CERN)

Posted on April 23, 2012 I Written By

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Today it’s back to our countdown of the top five HIS vendors, with data courtesy of HealthDataManagement magazine. Today we’re focusing on Cerner, which according to the magazine’s calculations ranks second for HIS sales, edged out only by McKesson.

Cerner claims to be the top EMR vendor in the U.S., despite competitor McKesson’s much larger size, since McKesson is in so many other lines of business. As with McKesson, we’re going to share a very quick overview of Cerner’s position in the overall HIS market, which as noted previously embraces not only clinical tools like EMRs, but also HIM, revenue cycle and access tools.

Cerner holds a very tasty 18 percent of the HIS market, by HDM consultants’ calculations. More interesting, to this audience at least, is that it’s gotten there with a big helping hand from its suite of EMR products. Here’s more to chew on, below.


Cerner Corp. (CERN)
2800 Rockcreek Parkway
North Kansas City, MO 64117
Phone: 816-221-1024

Products:  For the purposes of this discussion, let’s just be cute and say “everything HIT.”  That includes its popular Millennium suite of EMR products which are really seeing a big uptake in community hospitals, especially its remote hosted solutions.

2011 HIS Revenue: $2.2 billion

2010 Revenue: $1.85 billion

Summary:  From 2010 to 2011, Cerner’s  HIS revenue grew by 20 percent as Millenium sales yielded annual revenues of $2.2 billion.  Cerner’s overall profit margin for last year was, wait for it, just about 14 percent — and over the last 52 weeks its stock is up 34.3 percent. Yeah, yeah, I’ve been an editor for 20 years but now I know I’m in the wrong business.

Interesting facts:  Cerner has a strong international presence, from Belgium to Bangladesh, the Middle East and South America. Also, it now is offering “Community Works” to Critical Access Hospitals under 25 beds (a move your editor wouldn’t have expected given the predictably high cost of solutions from a company that size).