What If You Live Tweeted an EHR Go Live?

Posted on December 3, 2018 I Written By

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Have you ever wondered what an EHR go live is like? Ok, those of you who have been through one probably don’t want to relive that experience and may even have a little PTSD from the experience. However, as an EHR addict myself, I couldn’t resist watching the Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare (GVMH) in Clinton, MO live tweet their MEDITECH Expanse go live on the @gvmhe Twitter account.

I loved this kind of transparency and documenting of a go live. Pretty cool to see the process. The only thing I wish they would have done is used a hashtag throughout and shared it with others that were tweeting about the go live. If they had, then it would have been easier to find great tweets like this one from their CMIO Bill Dailey, MD:

I won’t share the full go live stream since you can go and read it on the @gvmhe account. However, here were some tweets that stood out.

This is an exciting and nerve wracking part of any go-live.

I’m sure the team will look back on this picture fondly. Plus, they’ll probably note all the people who were too busy to get in on the picture.

One of the best and worst parts of a go-live. The countdown clock which shows you how long until the real work begins and how much time you have left to finish your preparations. It’s always ironic that there’s always more prep that could be done, but you have to go live anyway.

You have to have a little fun during the go live.

The stress is real. Is there an ICD-10 for EHR go lives?

It’s like New Year’s, but less champagne and kissing. I like the matching shirts though.

Another stressful clock

War room in action!

The inevitable issues of getting your vendors on the phone. I wonder how effective this tweet was in helping the vendor respond. Especially since the tweet above was the 2nd one.

The moment before go live.

15 minutes later!

Don’t forget the power of food during a go live.

Must be a pretty happy Christmas gift to have the go live done and with relatively few hiccups.

The reality of the first few days.

I wonder how they measured this, but pretty interesting to consider.

Monday with a full day of patients. Congrats GVMH!

I left off a number of things, so go and check out the full @gvmhe Twitter feed. Plus, you can follow along to see how the first few weeks on MEDITECH Expanse goes for them. I hope they keep tweeting once all the go live staff leave. That’s usually a challenging time as well.