Hospital EMR and EHR Post #1450

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When I first started blogging, I’d celebrate every milestone imaginable. When I’d published 10, 20, 50, 100 blog posts. They were all causes for celebration. Not to mention 10,000 pageviews and then 20,000 pageviews, etc. 13 years into my blogging journey and over 12,000 blog posts later and it’s easy to forget to celebrate the various blog accomplishments.

With that said, I was really proud today to see that this will be the 1450th blog post on Hospital EMR and EHR. That’s approximately 200 blog posts a year since the start of this blog 7 years ago. I’m really proud of this accomplishment because the hospital IT space was quite foreign to me when I started. I still remember some of my first meetings with Dana Sellers formerly from Encore Health Resources and how she started my education on the hospital IT space. In fact, I still thank her for that education every time I see her. However, that thanks goes out to thousands of people who have shared their knowledge, insights, and experience. That includes Anne Zieger who’s contributed almost half of the blog posts.

I dove into the stats for this site from this year and took a look at the top 5 blog posts. What’s fascinating is that none of the top 5 blog posts were from this year. Seems like content last a very long time and older content can drive some of the most traffic. There are a lot of lessons available from looking at this top content.

1. Why Is It So Hard to Become a Certified Epic consultant?
Shout out to Nate DiNiro for this post back in 2011. It might be one of the only posts he did for us. He’s right that getting Epic Certified is a golden ticket of sorts. A simple example of supply and demand. Epic has kept certifications in short supply. So, the cost of someone who is Epic certified has gone up. His question at the end of the post is a good one that’s still not answered. Or at least the answer so far is that proprietary systems are winning. I hope that’s not true forever.

2. Will Medical Coders Be Needed in the Future? – HIM Scene
The future of the medical coder is an interesting one. I still think my assessment of the situation is still clear. Coders are here to stay. Technology will help them though.

3. Why Do People Dislike Epic So Much? Let Me Count The Ways
This post is ironic giving the top post where people want to get Epic certified. There are a lot of people who really love Epic. The times I’ve interacted with Judy I can understand why they do. She’s a smart businesswoman and has had success for a reason. She understands that the key is relationships with the customer.

4. Epic’s 13 Principles
Anything Epic does well on this site. It’s like an Apple story in technology. Seeing these 13 principles was eye opening and is still something I think about regularly when I think about Epic the company. It explains a lot of things about them.

5. Opening the Door to Data Analytics in Medical Coding – HIM Scene
I’m proud that we have a second HIM Scene blog post in the top 5. We’ve worked hard to provide some great content for the HIM professional. I’m happy we’ve been so successful and that in some ways we can bring the HIM professional and the HIT professional together in one community. This post was a good one on data analytics and medical coding.

Of course, on this milestone posts, I always want to thank the sponsors that keep this blog alive. The publishing business is a hard one and so we always appreciate sponsors that trust us with their brands and their marketing dollars. We treat it with respect and always want to provide as much value in return to them. A big thank you to Stericycle Communication Solutions, Ciox, Atos, and Liaison Technologies for all the support.

Thanks to all of you who read, comment, and share our posts as well. We’re lucky to be part of such a special community.