Epic’s 13 Principles

Posted on June 17, 2014 I Written By

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I recently came across this blog called “Life After Epic” which has the subtitle, “For the soon-to-be-Ex Epic Employee.” Although, if you look at the blog address it’s FiredFromEpic.blogspot.com. I assume Fired from Epic was the original blog name, but was likely changed for obvious reasons.

I’m sure I’ll reference more articles from this blog in the future, but I was really intrigued by the 13 Epic Principles that the blog’s been covering recently. Epic’s 13 Principles definitely provide some interesting insight into the EHR vendor Epic.

1. Do not go public.
2. Do not be acquired.
3. Expectations = reality.
4. Keep commitments.
5. Be frugal.
6. Have standards. Don’t do deals.
7. Create innovative and helpful products.
8. Have fun with customers.
9. Follow processes. Find root causes. Fix processes.
10. Don’t take on debt for operations, no matter how good the deal.
11. Focus on competency. Do not tolerate mediocrity.
12. Teach philosophy and culture.
13. If you disagree, dissent. Once decided, support.

What do you think of these principles? If you’ve dealt with Epic, you’ve no doubt seen a lot of them in action.