Billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong Shares NantHealth Details

I’m really glad that I didn’t hear about the Forbes Healthcare Summit, because I would have wanted to attend and I’m already traveling too much as is. With that said, it’s great that Forbes has put all of the sessions from the Forbes Healthcare conference online. I’m interested in checking out more of the videos, but I was quite intrigued by the interview with billionaire, pharmaceutical inventor, and entrepreneur Patrick Soon-Shiong, Chairman and CEO, NantHealth.

One stat that’s really intriguing is it takes “47 seconds versus 60 days for a personalized genetic analysis.” One thing I love about billionaires is that they don’t know how to think small. They could certainly be wrong in their approach, but they always go after big goals.

Also, about 30 minutes in Patrick Soon-Shiong talks about whether NantHealth will replace the Epic and Cerner EHR.

Thanks to Pat Rioux for pointing out this video to me.